· The core value proposition of Evolution Finance is in its advanced lending market, which captures a 10x higher market value than any existing DeFi project.

· Why? And how?

· Lending is one of the most prominent and successful businesses in the crypto market

· Currently DeFi platforms are focused on erc-20 tokens and wrapped btc for most of their lending.

· The largest markets for leveraged trading and short selling however , are BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, BCH, DOT, EOS, TRX, and so many other billion-dollar coins, yet only BTC and ETH can be leveraged or short sold in Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem.

· This is a huge market gap.

· And Evolution Finace is the only defi solution, that bridges this gap

· Evolution is creating the first DeFi money market that targets a new roster of assets that collectively have a $50B+ market cap.

· With the use of renVM , Evolution Finance will port the top 50 market assets on to Ethereum for availability on the Evolution Finance lending market.

· This has never been done before.

· Right now CeFi is capitalizing on the billions of dollars in demand for lending assets that do not yet exist in Ethereum DeFi. That is all about to be disrupted.

· The business of Evolution Finance is to capitalize on an untapped lending market that is 10x larger than any DeFi competitor.

· Furthermore

· Most DeFi platforms have inflationary unsustaibale incentive systems. The economics around the token and the business model were poorly designed. EF has a deflationary farming system.

· Liquidity pool tokens have never hard a hard cap until now.

· EVNY staking reaches a cap once the EVNY liquidity pools reach $5M net liquidity. This makes sure EVNY stakers do not have to be worried about reward dilution.

In the next two videos we will explore. Token economics and run through all the numbers, followed by a instructional video on How to purchase stake earn with Evolution finance.

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